Plantar Fasciitis and Shockwave Therapy //

Adam Steinhardt has successfully treated hundreds of cases of chronic and debilitating heel pain. The most important first step is accurate diagnosis by Adam via clinical assessment and imaging. Shockwave therapy incorporation with stretching, footwear advice, massage and taping is proving to be very effective.


Shockwave therapy is the delivery of high intensity ultrasound to the painful heel or Achilles tendon. This provides an immediate reduction in pain and long term promotes healing of the tissues. Each treatment takes only a few minutes and as little as three to five applications are required to the injury site.


Adam has years of experience using Shockwave therapy for the following conditions:

  • Plantar fasciitis/Heel Spurs

  • Achilles tendinopathy

  • Patella tendinopathy


With shockwave therapy you can avoid the following:

  • No surgery

  • No associated risks

  • No injections

  • No strong medication

  • No negative side effect

You will receive high quality lower limb injury diagnosis and management by an experienced podiatrist.


At Adam Steinhardt Sports Podiatrist I understand that whether you are running a long distance event such as a marathon or taking a leisurely stroll, you need strong healthy pain free feet to continue to enjoy any kind of sport or activity.


It is common for injuries and foot pain to occur no matter what your fitness level. Overuse, poor posture and many other factors can cause foot pain.


I can help you return to your exercise routine and normal everyday activity sooner with my comprehensive diagnosis and quality treatment.

Sports and Exercise Injury Assessment and Management //

Making sure your feet are functioning pain free is of great importance. The foot is a complex structure and if your feet are not operating as well as they could the result is pain. The pain can be in the foot itself, however it can radiate to other parts of the body, such as the knee, hip and lower back. Conducting a thorough biomechanical assessment including video gait analysis is a crucial part of this.


At Adam Steinhardt Sports Podiatrist I can offer solutions to the pain, including prefabricated and custom foot orthoses.

Biomechanical/Video Gait analysis and Orthotic Treatment //

Infant and Childrens Foot Assessments //

Highly experienced with assessing and treating children's feet.


Adam Steinhardt is experienced in children’s podiatry. The growth and development of your children’s feet is important to us, so as a parent you can be confident that their feet are in good hands.


Following a thorough consultation, I can assess, diagnose and treat problems like flat feet, pigeon toes, Sever’s and toe walking, as well as determine the reasons for pain in any part of your child’s foot or ankle. It may as simple as recommending the correct footwear for your child.

Diabetes Assessment for Feet: Keeping Healthy and Strong //

Professional podiatry care by Adam Steinhardt is important in helping you look after your feet if you have diabetes.


Many of the serious foot complications associated with diabetes can be prevented if you take good care of them.


With Diabetes your feet are at risk of damage to the nerve and blood supply.


I can carry out an easy and painless check on your feet to determine whether your feet have a low or high risk of developing more serious problems.

Nail Care, Nail Surgery, Bunions, and General Foot Care //

If you have difficulty in managing your own feet, I can help; as I understand that conditions like a painful ingrown toenail, sore toe, calluses, corns, bunions as well as foot, heel and leg pain can affect your day to day activities.


I can assess and treat any of the general podiatry issues that may arise due to illness, poor posture and lifestyle. As well as assess and diagnose conditions based on your medical history, we can request x-rays, ultrasounds and MRI imaging.

3D laser foot scans for precision custom-made orthotics //

Adam Steinhardt Sports Podiatrist is proud to introduce the latest technology in 3D laser foot scans for precision custom-made orthotics. The state of the art Delcom IQube laser scanner utilises technology developed for the aerospace and automotive sector.


What this means for patients?

  • Higher accuracy

  • High Quality 3D Image

  • Improved quality of orthotic

  • No messy plaster

  • Orthotic returned for issue by podiatrist quicker